Milk Bath Beauty

A fellow photographer here, Adriane Nicole, setup a milk bath shootout with a photo group here in Iwakuni, and even though it’s not really my “scene,” I thought I would join to observe.

Boudoir, milk baths, excessive exposed skin, most definitely had me raising a yellow flag from time to time!  Despite my comfort with my own skin (check out my February Self Portrait) and with my friend, Caitlyn (who has definitely seen my goodies), my modesty kicked in when she started stripping her clothing off and putting on her delicates!

If it hadn’t been for Adriane pushing me past this barrier, I would have never been able to create this beautiful image.

Milk Bath Boudoir Shoot

I’m still always so impressed with myself.  My strength to push through my discomforts.  Because I trust myself.  I trust my ability to create something magnificent.

Milk Bath Boudoir Shoot

Thank you Adriane!  Thank you, beautiful and fun Caitlyn Shaw MUA.


Now, next is my June Self Portrait.  Make sure to look through my galleries for new images!

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A fine art photographer located in Virginia Beach, Virginia.

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