Going Solo and Nailing It

In January, I was inspired by two persons on social media.  One, a photographer in Texas, Francisco Joel Hernandez, who has an incredible skill-base for HSS photography, especially outdoors, and shares his skills through his YouTube account, FJH Photography.  Two, a fashion blogger and model in Australia, Micah Gianneli, who has a beautifully consistent and clean Instagram feed, and has her own unique blend of fashion and photography.

Even though I’ve tried many different styles of photography since January, I still find myself in-awe of their imagery and desiring to create similar portraits.

I came across an inspiring image on Micah’s Instagram that included a grey-toned marble set of stairs, a jean jacket and a stunning set of silver thigh-high boots!  This image kickstarted my inspiration for June’s self portrait.  One idea after the next and I was able to produce this image:

June Self Portrait

What?  You can’t see the inspiration in this image?  I mean, I have the stairs…

To explain, my inspirations and ideas go through a sort of “culling” process where I go through the items in which I have access.  Okay, so I don’t have a pair of silver thigh-high boots.  What do I have?  What do my friends have?  Then, I create something surprisingly beautiful.  And even though it doesn’t look anything like the inspiring image, it’s still magnificent.

June Self Portrait

Now, let me tell you.  I have a terrible habit of planning my personal projects last minute!  Which means, for this shoot, I was all by myself.  I used a tablet tethered to my camera to focus, correct my pose and shutter release.  (Thank you husband for all of your gadgets and knowledge!)  It was a lot easier than using a remote shutter release button or the camera’s 10 second shutter release option, but it also had its complications.  Where is the focus?  Wait, did it take the picture?  Why can’t I see it?  Okay, I’ll focus on my hand, then place my face where my hand was… Yup!


And with complications, if one has a true desire to accomplish a personal goal, one finds solutions and learns valuable lessons.  My valuable lesson?  Despite the old man who lectured me in Japanese telling me to move my car (which I did), the trucker who saw me shimmying into my friend’s gown fully-clothed, the multiple out-of-focus shots, the shots where I forgot to take off my glasses and the heat threatening to melt my glamorous make up and pull down my voluptuous curls, I nailed it!  I, once again, renewed my faith in my ability to shut out the world, push through persistently and focus on myself, my goal, my intent.

June Self Portrait

Thank you, Caitlyn Shaw MUA, once again, for the fantastic make up!  Like I have told you guys before, when I come to Caitlyn with a desired look, she follows through and goes even further.  I mean, look at that highlight on my cupid’s bow!

Thank you, Elva! This look would not be what it is without those elegant curls you gave me.  Mwah!

Here’s to next month!


Published by Tasha Acosta

A fine art photographer located in Virginia Beach, Virginia.

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