‘Til Your Heart’s Content

February. February. February.  Oh, February.  You definitely pushed the boundaries of my comfort zone (which I thought would be much broader than what it was, actually) and technical preparation.

I had high hopes for a sensual shoot involving dynamic lighting techniques; however, I fell short.  (I know, right?  Like, WHAAAAAT?)  I wanted to create my own “laser cut” lantern to cover an off-camera flash to cast decorative shadows across my face and body.  After days of attempting to understand the Silhouette Cameo, I reached out and had a friend cut one for me.  She did great!  Everything I asked for.  Was what I asked for what I needed?  Nope.  The cut-outs were too wide and caused the light to blend with the shadows way too soon…  The result, a tiny area of about 20 inches where shadows were visible from a distance of 12 inches.  Yeah…..

Lesson Learned.

*Banging head on desk, wall and everything in between.*


Lighting is difficult to master.  There are so many aspects of understanding lighting dynamics.  Furthermore, I thought I was much more confident about my body.  Ha!  Maybe, by myself, with the curtains drawn and an awesome mirror eight feet away.  It turns out, I’m pretty damn confident…WITH the clothes ON.

But it’s okay!  Because I my face was awesome!  Thanks to the amazing Caitlyn Shaw MUA.  The smooth makeup application was on-point.


Okay, and my chest HERE is pretty smooth and fantabulous (thanks to an amazing octobox).

Towards the end of the shoot, I wanted to push my image into a different “realm.”


The first set of images Nizar (awesome trigger-woman) caught are very different from the last set.  This image below (along with the “fantabulous skin” shot) is from the first half of the shoot.


Much different than the last two (including the one below).  But, I like that!  I like when one shoot can capture a variety of images.


Let your creativity take you wherever it may!  Even when your lighting attempts fail you.  Just keep shooting ’til your heart’s content.

‘Til next month!


Published by Tasha Acosta

A fine art photographer located in Virginia Beach, Virginia.

6 thoughts on “‘Til Your Heart’s Content

    1. Yeah?! That one has me in the fence. Haha. As a woman reaching her middle thirties, I notice my body is changing in ways expected but not necessarily desired! So, I struggle with accepting it.


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