Off-the-Cuff Fun

I’ve been trying to create a studio lighting setup for my February self portrait and have hit a big bump in the road.  I’m sure I’ll get around it, but in the meantime, I decided to take one of these practice shots and let it inspire me.

When I’m editing, I listen to a series of radio stations from Pandora. It’s usually a collection of indietronica and neo soul.  Artists like The Hics, Odesza and Haley.  This edit was heavily influenced by what I was listening to yesterday!

I started with the following touched image and probably a song like Odesza‘s “I Want You.”


Ehh, it’s not a stop-in-your-tracks photo.  There are many elements that aren’t well executed.  It was a test run for a different lighting setup that, because I failed to produce, ended up morphing into a completely different result.

However, I totally dig the look I’m giving!  So, I decided to enhance it.

As I was listening to Zeds Dead‘s single “Lights Out (ft. Atlas),” I started playing with my hair and eyes.


What more?  I asked.

Then, The Hics’ song “Tangle” came on.  Whoo!  Goodness!  My body started to move while in the computer chair.  My arms came off the keyboard and started flowing in the air.  My heartbeat was pulsing, elevated… Mmmm.  Good song.



After layer…


Until I stopped here.


There isn’t anything too special about this final image, other than its mood has changed quite a bit from the original.


For me, my future as a photographer is greatly dependent upon my growing knowledge of lighting and post processing, and executing both quickly and efficiently.  Practice, practice, practice is what it takes.  I’m not too concerned if the final product is a magnificent or just a small improvement from the original.  As long as I’m practicing my skills to better my inner photographer!


YouTube Channels for the mentioned artists:

Odesza –

Zeds Dead –

The Hics –


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