Learning in Progress

Brooke Shaden.  She is an incredibly creative photographer.  I stumbled across her Instagram account about two months ago and have been in awe of the images she creates!  The planning she puts into every image is admirable.

A little backstory.  I had purchased a CreativeLive class several years ago and never found time to watch it.  Between chasing an 18-month old around the house and getting ready for a move across the world, it just “escaped” my mind that I ever bought it.

Since I have recently found time to better myself as a photographer and artist, I remembered.  “Wait!  I have a CreativeLive class I never watched!”  I go online, log in, go to my account and whose name did I see?

“Fine Art Portraits with Brooke Shaden”

It was like an omen.  I needed to follow this route.  Her process seemed simple enough.  Take pictures.  Composite pictures.  Alter lighting dynamics.  Adjust Color.  Place texture.  Done!  Well, there is a bit more to it than this, however, it is the basic flow.

And then, yesterday, I was inspired.

As I was snuggled next to my napping daughter, I thought, I hope she has beautiful, happy dreams.  And with that, I rolled out of bed, grabbed my camera, grabbed some fabric, grabbed some flowers the husband had bought me for no reason (love it) and setup the tripod.

Flower Bed Composite


Flower Bed Composite



Flower Bed Composite




Okay.  Scratch that fabric.  Let’s start with this.

Flower Bed Composite

Okay, could have been a bit brighter (this is an after thought, of course).

Flower Bed Composite

Uhhh… Okay.

Flower Bed Composite



Get it?  Here?  No, here.  Okay.  Okay.

Then, 76 Raw images and 26 Photoshops layers later, I have this.

Flower Bed Composite

It’s no Brooke Shaden image, but it is great practice for my fine art portraits to come!  I can’t wait to share some of the images I’ve been creating recently.  Hopefully, you’ll follow my site to see them.

Thanks for reading!  ‘Til next time.

– Tasha



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A fine art photographer located in Virginia Beach, Virginia.

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