Working the Gels

Inspirations for my self portraits are like tides.

One minute I’m wanting to channel my inner Brooke Shaden, the next, Lindsay Adler.  November, as you can ask my fellow creative artist, Caitlyn Shaw MUA, was one of those months where I went through a slew of inspiring and emotion-driven ideas.

And just like that, an ad on Facebook popped up for some lessons available on RGG EDU by Jake Hicks.

As you know, I am a fairly new photographer in the world of fashion and editorial work, but I really love what I’m creating lately.  And now?  A sinful desire to work with color gels is brewing deep.


Caitlyn and I had so much fun creating these images last week.  Playing with color has brought us a WHOLE new understanding of how light works on the skin and what it will do to makeup when it is colored.

Thank you, Jake Hicks!  You have inspired me!  I hope December’s portrait can have some colored gel play.



Published by Tasha Acosta

A fine art photographer located in Virginia Beach, Virginia.

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