Trust has alway been an easy virtue for me.  My belief in myself and others’ capabilities in all aspects of life and living has always been, and is still, strong.

We are a very strong species.

However, with this easy access to trust, I used to often find myself disappointed. Whether it be in my own failure to obtain a goal or a misunderstanding of the true intentions of a new relationship, friend or lover.

Trust is delicate.

Trust makes me vulnerable.


The vulnerability comes from the mistrust in myself.

What kind of person am I if they don’t value me?

As I get older, I see life bloom in my daughter; I watch my husband become a wonderful and great man; I see my friends for who they are and not what I desire them to be. Through these miraculous observations of “life and living,” my trust in myself and those dear to me grows deeper.


And with August’s self portrait, I placed trust in myself and a dear colleague and fellow artist, Caitlyn Shaw MUA.  I trusted both of our capabilities to create something passionate. And, without seeing my makeup prior to shooting or how the images were coming out on the back of the camera, we communicated and trusted “the light.”

I trusted myself to place my body and face in the right directions.  Caitlyn had faith in herself as a makeup artist and found new confidence as a photographer.  Further, I trusted her newfound skills to utilize the tools at hand (my camera and the light) with direction from me, which in turn, was a result of my faith in being able to give her proper instruction from the other side of the camera.


Don’t worry, you’ll get to see a color image of the makeup Caitlyn created for this shoot on my Instagram and Facebook soon, so go and follow both feeds.

But for now, this is the impassioned vision of two artists who had trust in themselves, separately, yet combined.


Published by Tasha Acosta

A fine art photographer located in Virginia Beach, Virginia.

2 thoughts on “Trust

    1. Thank you! This is as very personal post, for me, at least. It took another step of courage to share. Thank you for taking the time to read and comment. It means alot!


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