Even In Public

The weather really started to warm up this month in Iwakuni.  The cherry blossoms have come and gone and the rains have started to grace the lands around with fuel and energy.  And with warmer weather and bright sunshine, people start to open the windows of their homes and vehicles to let the fresh air in.

One day, late in April, I was walking to pick-up my daughter from the bus stop and listened to everything that was around.  You can hear conversations taking place inside homes as you walk by, and you can hear the latest hits humming through rolled-down car windows of young Marines and Sailors.  So much energy taking place when the world is still moving on as it usually does!

This was my inspiration for May’s self portrait.  I, myself, find I turn up my music louder and change genres with the turn of the season.  I’m not listening to mellow tunes from my Miles Davis or Duke Ellington stations anymore.  I have “Weak” by AJR or “HandClap” by Fitz and the Tantrums blasted from my kitchen while I am battering up my chicken to fry in the pan.  I turn up “Sunlight” by The Magician or stop everything, even put down the hairdryer, to sing along with “Blow Your Mind” by Dua Lipa.

AND I DON’T CARE WHO IS WATCHING!!!  Even in public, I’m gonna move, clap my hands and snap my fingers.  Music creates a bubbly happiness inside me and I just can’t keep still.

May Self Portrait "Even In Public"

What do you find yourself listening to when the weather starts warming up?


Special Thank You to POS Cafe in Iwakuni, Japan for allowing me to be creative!

Published by Tasha Acosta

A fine art photographer located in Virginia Beach, Virginia.

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