Refocus Your Photos Workshop

Do you know how to use your surroundings to create interesting images?  Do you know what a well-exposed image looks like?  Do you know how to position your subject or your camera to create an aesthetically pleasing image?  Is your knowledge of focal length and the effects it has on your subject enough to understand distortion and depth of field?  If not, this is where my Refocus Your Photos Workshop will benefit you!

This workshop is intended for beginners who have little to no knowledge of photography but are interested in the art and hobbyists who have some knowledge but are looking to fine-tune their images.

The workshop will go over exposure, depth of field, image composition and focal length and how to overcome automatic settings to produce more creative images.  You will learn how to use your surroundings and techniques provided in this workshop to create aesthetic and interesting images.

The workshop is four hours long, requires a digital camera and is open to four (4) clients each workshop.

Curriculum Breakdown:

“What Makes An Image Successful?” (Discussion)

Composition (P*)

Perspective (PD**)

Depth of Field (PD)

Focal Lengths (PD)

Exposure (P)

Color vs. Monochrome (P)

Practical Application (Practice of Techniques)

Workshop Critique (Constructive Criticism and Open Discussion)

Please contact me for availability and to reserve your seat here.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

**Presentation and Demonstration
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