Control Your Camera Workshop

Do you know what a properly exposed image looks like but do not understand how to create them with your camera?  Maybe you want to move from a properly exposed image into a more creative exposure?  Are you having a difficult time creating crisp and clean images with your camera?  Do you have blurry images or images where the focus is not where you would like it to be?  Are your images “okay,” but you would like to know how to control your camera to make them better than “okay?”  If these are areas you struggle with, this is where my Control Your Camera1 workshop will benefit you!

This workshop is intended for beginners who have minimal knowledge of their camera controls and hobbyists who have some knowledge but are looking for a refresher.

The workshop will help identify camera controls that allow you to create well-exposed images (or creatively exposed images), as well as, navigate your camera’s menu for basic settings, such as, ISO setting and focal point selection.  BONUS:  I will be showing you how to create light-trails in your images to make your city travel photos more interesting and creative!

The workshop is four hours long, requires an ILC (interchangeable-lens camera)2 and is open to four (4) clients each workshop.

Curriculum Breakdown:

Camera Controls (PD3)

Basic vs. Advanced Modes (PD)

Exposure (PD)

Exposure Triangle (P4)

Overcoming Automatic Settings (PD)

White Balance (PD)

Autofocus Points (PD)

Practical Application (Use of Controls)

Workshop Open Discussion

BONUS:  Tips and Tricks

Please contact me for availability and to reserve your seat here.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

1It is recommended to take my Refocus Your Photos workshop before this class.
2An ILC can include a DSLR, a mirrorless or any camera that includes a camera body and interchangeable lens.
3Presentation and Demonstration
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