After being educated formally at the Art Institute of Tucson and informally through personal pursuits online and among peers, I have come to understand the value of one-on-one training and mentorship.  I would not be where I am today without the mentoring I have received to fine-tune my skills as a photographer.

This is why I am also offering one-on-one mentorship programs for those who find workshops do not fit their needs as a growing photographer and image editor.


You are a fit for mentorship if you:

  • Are getting ready for a trip and want to make sure you get great photos.
  • Want to improve your post-processing in a one-on-one setting where you can work at your pace and get direct feedback on your images.
  • Have a work schedule that doesn’t allow for my formal workshops.
  • Just want to get help on what you want when you have time.
  • You want to create a custom program for yourself.



In studio or on location:
Private $30/hour (no minimum*)
Private 10-hour package: $250
Two people $50/hr (no minimum*)
Two people 10-hour package: $400
Groups of four or more people (up to 8) Contact me to arrange a special workshop just for you!

*You can choose to do a one-time, one-hour mentoring on a specific subject or as many hours as you would like.
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